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“zero spills and zero incidents”

Seaharbor was established in 1957 on the island of Curacao and has over 60 years’ experience in the maritime service industry. With enthusiastic and highly qualified personnel and the required knowledge, we strive and stand for quality and service. Our main objective is to deliver first class products and services around the clock and achieve maximum customer satisfaction.


Seaharbor Group consists of two departments.


Seaharbor Services provides a full maritime service 24/7 365 day for Curacao-Aruba-Bonaire, Venezuela & St. Martin. The port of Curacao is our home base from where we operate our business and where our office, warehouse, certified barges, tugs and tenders are located. We deliver whatever you need, quick-safe- alongside your vessel.


Seaharbor Supplies is the proud official marine lubricants distributor for Shell, Total Lubmarine, Gazprom and North Sea Lubricants.  A broad portfolio of grades available in IBC's, Drums and Pails. We have big quantities of stock in our warehouses ready to be delivered or pumped by barge or truck to your vessel.



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Delivering on commitment and continually striving towards service excellence.


Passing down cost savings to our customers

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“Your delivery is our priority”

Seaharbor Services Curacao is the leading maritime logistic and service company in the ABC region, with over 6 decades of experience SeaHarbor Services Curacao can handle all your maritime needs and combines service and personnel attention within your budget.

Delivery of water

Fresh drinking water supply will be arranged by our special coated and dedicated barge of 180m3, pump capacity of 140 m3 per hour. We guarantee delivery of certified drinking water.

Delivery of lubricants

Lubricants are delivered in drums, pails and bulk. Our supply barges are equipped with hydraulic pump equipment to pump the lubricants direct from the barrels or IBC’S into the storage tanks of your vessel.

Pumping services

We offer pumping service from or to your vessel. Our pump and hoses are all certified and can pump with a pumping rate of 140 m3 per hour.

Crew changes

Crew Changes offshore Curacao - Aruba – Bonaire are done with our tender/tug boats. We have 3 boats of 21 Pax per boat.

Waste collection

SeaHarbor Services Curacao is your partner in waste collection and the processing of vessel’s waste in Willemstad, Caracas bay, Fuik bay and Bullen bay. Other than that, we also provide this service to vessels passing by or drifting off port in surrounding waters of Curacao. We are the official appointed collector of the Marpol annex V stream and make sure all paperwork and coordination is done with the harbor authorities that is necessary during stay and departure of vessel.

Spare parts delivery

Spare parts and Stores deliveries are one of our main business activities on Curacao, Aruba and Bonaire. We receive stores and can arrange deliveries right away to your vessel. The deliveries are done by our self-propelled barges or by our tug boats. In and

outside the port and also to Aruba and Bonaire anchorage.

Stores/provisions delivery

SeaHarbor Services Curacao has bonded warehouses with storage space of 2100 square meters located in the port of Willemstad that are used for consolidating shipments from multiply suppliers for an efficient on-board delivery. These are used for both short and long-term storage of stores and provisions and are ready to be delivered whenever suits you best.

Bildge water collection/disposal

Bilge/grey water and slops/sludge collection and disposal.

We are collecting bilge water, ballast and gray water, and cargo residue cleaning water, slop and sludge. The collecting and disposal will be done as per IMO regulation, we supply a receiving and disposal certificate for the received quantity. Our certificates are as per regulations of Marpol annex 334 and your oil record book will be signed and stamped. The collection will be done with our barge which is coated with a special resistant coating.

The bilge and waste water will be delivered to a special environmental treatment plant at the refinery here on the island.


“High Quality marine lubricants to keep your vessel running”

We as Seaharbor Supplies are specialized in Greases and Lubricants of Shell, Total Lubmarine, Gazprom and North Sea Lubricants in the Marine and Offshore sector. Below you will find our product portfolio. Please feel free to contact us at any time should you need an inquiry:




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Additional services provided;


Today's competitive market places demands to be increasingly productive on our customers. Unnecessary downtimes will affect productivity. Getting the right lubricant is essential. Helping you to achieve this is our priority.


1.Technical advice and consultation:
Share your lubrication challenges with our engineers to help find a solution.

2.Lubricant Analysis:
With the RLA and expertise to interpret for our customers the reports and determine the problems.


Shell Rapid Lubricants Analysis is an oil condition monitoring service that helps you to keep your vessels running smoothly by identifying potential oil or equipment failures before they become critical.

Shell Rapid Lubricants Analysis will help your business to save money and time on maintenance caused by equipment failures. It is an early-warning system that aims to give you the peace of mind that your equipment and lubricants are in optimum working order.






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